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I am Anne-Sophie, an Ivorian mother of 2. These 2 little angels are the ones that gave me the strength and courage to create the Balya Baby brand.

I am very attached to simple, qualitative and valuable things.
When I lived in Paris, I had already chosen to supply myself in a short circuit in order to consume locally and reduce my carbon footprint.

By moving to Lisbon, I strengthened my desire to have a positive impact on the environment. My partner and I, upon the birth of our first born, decided to be more careful when choosing the elements of our trousseau. We immediately switched to using washable and reusable products for our children. I continue to use this method postpartum.
I wasn’t completed satisfied for several reasons: the style, the quality and the materials. Therefore, I decided to work on washable and reusable products in response to my quest for useful, committed, qualitative, beautiful and easy to use products.

I fully embarked on this project in order to design products that resemble me and respond to my aspiration of beauty, wellness of the planet and health.

Our commitment is to accompany you on your journey to consuming less resources and protecting the environment. The products have been designed in a way that is more sustainable, more respectful to the environment, less consuming of exhaustible resources, and safer to your well-being.


Each item is both stylish and comfortable for easy use.
Each of our Oeko Tex Standard Class 1 certified materials is selected with great care and attention. We have mainly chosen organic cotton and unbleached hemp to provide natural products that are not harmful to our health.

We provide you with washable and reusable products that reduce short-term waste production, water consumption and longer-term electricity from design to use.




The softness and dense thickness of our materials, always with finesse, give our diapers and period underwear a pleasant day-to-night use.



Each of the diapers, underwear and inserts are made of 3-4 thin layers of naturally absorbent and breathable fabrics.



Regarding our inserts and period underwear, hemp is our anti-bacterial go-to for hygiene in complete serenity.



Thanks to a reinforced waterproof barrier and the absorption layers, all fluids are maintained in order to avoid any leakage.



We are completely transparent about the origin of our materials, the composition of our products as well as the manufacturing process.

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