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What is our period underwear made of?

Balya Lady period underwear is made of 3 materials: tencel, cotton, hemp and PUL.

Does Balya Lady period underwear contain chemical or toxic products?

Each material is natural and complies with the Oeko Tex Standard 100 certification. They do not undergo any chemical treatment during the manufacture of textile fibres. No chemical or toxic elements are involved in the manufacture of our fabrics and in the manufacturing process of period underwear.

Manufacturing and Certification

What does the Oeko Tex Standard 100 certification mean?

Oeko tex Standard 100 is one of the best-known certificates in the world for textiles tested against harmful substances. It guarantees customer confidence and high product safety.

This certification guarantees that each component of the fabric has been tested and does not contain any harmful substances and guarantees that the product is therefore harmless to your well-being.


Where are Balya Lady & Balya Baby products made?

The products are handmade by the founder of the brand in her atelier located in the Lisbon region.

Orders and Payments

Where can I buy Balya Lady products?

Balya Lady products are available in our online store, in the Instagram store and in some markets in the Lisbon region.

You can see the list of our partner stores through the correspondent section.

What are the payment methods?

On the Balya Lady website, you can pay by credit card, bank transfer or in cash for residents of the Lisbon region.

Delivery and Delivery Conditions

What are the delivery terms and conditions?

The products are prepared and shipped within 24 to 48 hours after payment of your order. Our order preparation team strives to deliver your products to you as quickly as possible from Monday to Friday, excluding Portuguese holidays.

A shipping confirmation message for your order is sent at the time of shipment alongside your order tracking number.

Return and Refund Conditions

What are the return/refund conditions?

You have a period of 30 days to express your desire to return the products, specifying your order number. We will provide you with a return address to proceed with the return of the products.

The products must be returned as long as they are unused and complete, alongside your order return number, otherwise no refunds can be made.


Why should period underwear be washed before your first use?

We recommend washing the underwear before your first use for 2 reasons:

- For hygiene reasons  - during production and shipping, we do our best to keep the underwear intact, but it is important that the underwear is washed to avoid any risks.

- To open the fibres  - washing relaxes and opens the fibres, which allows the underwear to have better absorbency.

Instructions of Use

How often should Balya Lady period underwear be changed?

Balya Lady period underwear can be worn for up to 12 hours, depending on your flow. You can wear it all day without worrying about any leakage.

Does Balya Lady period underwear leak?

No, the period underwear does not leak. The anti-leakage barrier is effective enough to ensure safe use.

How do I wear Balya Lady underwear overnight?

Overnight use is no different from daily use, it does not require any special care.

Does the underwear make your bum bigger or give a diaper effect?

The underwear was designed not to create discomfort.


How do I properly wash Balya Lady period underwear?

It is important to take care of the underwear, causing minimum impact on the environment 

- Use a laundry bag during each wash

- Use non-corrosive detergents (which do not contain bleach, alcohol), and non-greasy (based on glycerine) and non-perfumed washing sanitary napkins so as not to reduce their absorbency.

- It is advised not to exceed 1000 rpm.

- Preferably, dry in a tumble dryer as it improves absorption properties. When drying on a clothesline, hang the underwear lengthwise.


How do I store dirty period underwear?

You can store them in a laundry bag, in an airtight container, or in a sealed waterproof bag.

Ideally, wash the underwear right after use and wash it for a maximum of 7 days to avoid the proliferation of bacteria.

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